Will you take my kid to school?

Namit (name changed) was ready for discharge after a 3 month stay at our spinal injuries rehabilitation center. But instead of joy, I sensed restlessness on his face. Responding to my best wishes and “you better study well”, he whispered in a worried tone - "Dad is planning to home school me; I'd be allowed to go to school... Continue Reading →

Safe in sickness

‘If only the public transport system in my country was less crowded, she would be able to discover the world by herself’ said my head as I tightly clenched the overhead supports and planted my feet stronger. The bus driver who was taking my friends and me to her town was definitely an  F1 racing... Continue Reading →

Standing tall

His amiable disposition keeps him occupied at the Rehab Mela. When not surrounded by friends or the medical team, Mr.  Bharatrajan will be found delivering a piece of prose or moving to the beats of some popular Tamil number on stage. To pen down his experiences at the Mary Varghese Institute of Rehabilitation(a.k.a. Rehab) of C.M.C.,... Continue Reading →

Bigger than the pain.

Giving up was just not her thing, so she lifted the pen in a third attempt to take notes of her favourite lecture. But the piercing twinge in her wrist stopped her short. Disappointed, she lay her head on the desk and let tears soak the few scrawled lines that she had managed to write. Aditi had... Continue Reading →

Narrative of the gray hair.

So Uncle James(name changed) would do all in his control to make me feel uninvited. Whether morning session or the afternoon, he would keep his eyes shut and pretend to be asleep when I went to his room for therapy. The days in which I would visit him at odd times and catch him red... Continue Reading →

Redefine what’s normal, shall we?

Now 'Normal' is a very misleading word. By definition it refers to anything conforming to the set standards. Why I find it misleading is because the society chooses to function by the NORMAL standards  as if God tuned it to them, not realizing that it is a character born out of the society itself. And... Continue Reading →

Fathoming Faith.

'Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.' (Hebrews 11:1) Or like The Gita goes on to say, it is 'The unflinching truth in something sublime.' Tough to fathom yet undeniable. Especially in workplaces like mine, it is sometimes the only answer to questions that the science of... Continue Reading →

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